[V6-12v] Cruise control vacuum pump

Tom Christiansen tomchr at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 15:08:28 PST 2008


Does anyone of you know how to test the cruise control vacuum pump (located
by the passenger side strut tower) on a 1994 90S?

Or does any of you know how to test the electronics? One would think it
would be possible to check the electronics while driving the vehicle by
using an LED tester connected to the 3-wire connector for the vacuum pump.
Obviously, the LED tester would have to be taped to the windshield or
something, but that's a manageable problem.

Before shelling out almost $300 on a new pump (or more realistically
probably considerably less through Chris at Force-5 Automotive) it would be
useful to know if the pump is the problem at all.

Yeah... I've checked the cruise control switches by the clutch and brake.
And verified that the vacuum system works. Still no cruise, though...



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