[V6-12v] G 002 000 is no more?

Greville Bowles gbowles at cansafe.com
Wed Jan 9 17:25:31 PST 2008

I ordered some G 002 000 from the local VW dealer and received G 004 000
M2 ("Power Steering Fluid") instead. My phone inquiry got a response of
"Yes Sir. These are 1 in the same. Just the part # has changed."
This is news to me and my cynical nature requires that I ask the
all-knowing "list". Have I been BS'd or has the # been changed? How
about the Pentosin CHF 11S (red cap)? Can these 3 be mixed?

TIA for the enlightenment that I know is coming.
Mr. Greville H. Bowles 
Elora, ON
gbowles at cansafe.com <mailto:gbowles at cansafe.com> 

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