[V6-12v] Exhaust Leak at Sleeve Coupler

Austin Franklin austin.franklin at charter.net
Fri Jan 11 05:15:09 PST 2008

Hi Frank,

> I have an exhaust leak at the sleeve coupler that joins the pipe after the
> cat to the rest of the system. The sleeve couplers are new and
> the rest of the
> pipes are original.The car is a '92 100.Is there any trick to
> getting this connection leak free?

Mine leaked as well when I first installed them.  I found that they really
have to be installed on very clean pipes (if your pipes are original, they
are probably pitted/corroded a bit), not overtightened (that warps the
inside pipe and makes a real mess of things) and gooping them up with
muffler cement doesn't hurt.



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