[V6-12v] Dead Fuel Gauge

The CyberPoet thecyberpoet at cyberpoet.net
Thu Jan 24 15:31:39 PST 2008

IMHO: more likely to be in the wires than in the sender itself. Find  
the closest pigtail connector to the sender in the tank and do the  
tests in the bentley before you both dropping the tank to replace it.

=-= Marc Glasgow

On Jan 24, 2008, at 6:25 PM, Frank Chapchuk wrote:

> Richard,
> It's in the tank. I remember having to take it out to replace the fuel
> pump. It is accessible through a round plate you unscrew in the trunk.
> The less fuel in the tank, the easier it would be to work on.  
> Shouldn't
> be too bad of a job.
> Frank
>> To: v6-12v at audifans.com
>> From: rguzz at mindspring.com
>> Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 16:31:41 -0500
>> Subject: [V6-12v] Dead Fuel Gauge
>> 96 A6, no operating fuel gauge, doesn't register at all, not in the
>> connection to the gauge, so I suspect the sending unit.
>> Is that in the tank? Cost? Can I do it?
>> Thanks.
>> Richard

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