[V6-12v] Dead Fuel Gauge

Sean Coriaty sean.coriaty at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 13:58:40 PST 2008

 Frank had good input.  To elaborate a bit:
As Frank indicated, no need to remove fuel tank.
Remove screws securing fuel tank access plate (below rear radio speakers,
under carpet, on raised area in back of trunk), isolate the wires from the
sending unit, and test sending unit signal from there.  If good signal,
problem lies between sending unit and gauge.
If sending unit is problem, it is removed by turning the circular retaining
plate off and lifting sending unit up and out through hole (like Frank said,
less fuel in tank the better).  Remove carefully- it's plastic of awkward
shape (can easily break float arm)..
Christ at Force 5 (force5auto.com) can probably provide a used replacement
without breaking the bank.
When installing, careful float arm moves freely (doesn't contact fuel lines
from pump at any fuel level).  I made this mistake once while replacing fuel
pump and had to re-enter the stinky tank to relocate the fuel lines.
When I did this, I had to remove the ski bag assembly by carefully pushing
plastic frame toward trunk from inside car w/ arm rest down- frame was
preventing sending unit assembly from lifting out.  Examine frame w/
flashlight from trunk side to see plastic retaining tabs.
This procedure assumes the '96 A6 and '93 100CSQ are identical in this
regard- which I believe to be the case but not 100% sure.
Also, this was done without benefit of Bentley.  Always consult Bentley if
Freedom, NH

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96 A6, no operating fuel gauge, doesn't register at all, not in the
connection to the gauge, so I suspect the sending unit.
Is that in the tank? Cost? Can I do it?

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