[V6-12v] 92 Audi 100S & 3-volume Bentley manual set for sale.

The CyberPoet thecyberpoet at cyberpoet.net
Tue Jul 8 22:30:54 PDT 2008

Dear Audi Fans,

After years on the list, it's time to give up our 92 Audi 100S.,  
manual 5-speed, full leather power-seating. Any offers considered.  
Suggesting this as a parts car, although it did start for us  
yesterday. More on this in the details below.

Also for sale: full 3-volume OEM paper edition of the Bentley manuals  
for the 90-93 A100-series/A200-series including the quattro.

History before us:
This vehicle was acquired in 2000 or early 2001 from a ship-yard  
engineer who drove it to work in Jacksonville, Florida for a few  
years (not good for the pearl paint job) and then after moving to  
Tampa, FL, let his wife drive it. The wife at one point decided that  
it would be perfectly acceptible to simply ignore the huge  
overheating warning in the dash, and drove it another 35 miles home,  
ruining the engine.
They subsequently sent it out to specialty place (probably World of  
Cars), had the engine overhauled and new heads put on, plus new  
radiator/water pump/timing belt/etc. and after realizing that the  
bill for doing so was horrible ($5600), put it up for immediate sale  
(personally, I would have put up the wife instead). We came along,  
found a freshly rebuild engine in a 100S for $5k and bought it on the  

History with us:
The car was acquired specifically for my other half as her daily  
driver (I work primarily from home). Because she had previously  
decimated four of my cars in accidents (including a cherry 60k-mile  
Audi 200Turbo that I simply adored), I refused to get involved hands- 
on in any extensive maint on this car beyond shuttling it to the  
mechanics and instructing her to pay the man.
The A100S served flawlessly as a daily driver for a 15 mile each-way  
work-commute for 5 years, needing only new tires and standard  
maintenance items. Never got around to correcting the OEM Bose stereo  
system's issues once they developed (standard volume-control  
potentiometer issue); since it wasn't my daily driver, I was  
relatively unconcerned (turns out lack of radio may have been a good  
thing - her accident-rate dropped to zero from that point on). In  
mid-2005, the A/C quit blowing cold, and unfortunately, our local  
Audi-specialist (World of Cars -- the only one not affiliated with a  
dealer) retired. She took it to Firestone for a quote and about  
fainted, decided to continue to drive it sans A/C rather than forking  
up the nearly $2k they wanted to replace everything in it with an  
R-134a system.
In 2006, she gave up working to return to school full time to pursue  
her Master's in Architecture; the university being a bit less than  
1/2 mile from us and offering shuttle service on our street directly  
to the school, the car got driven less frequently (probably less  
frequently than it should). Still got used regularly for grocery- 
runs, movies out, etc. By 2007, it started losing oil without trace,  
and I suspect it was the valley pan gasket leaking; again, my policy  
of not digging into her cars and the retirement of our Audi mechanic  
meant it never got addressed other than to add more oil whenever it  
got low. The lack of A/C meant that the headliner foam slowly started  
failing in the back as well from the Florida humidity. Battery got  
replaced that year as well.
At the very end of 2007, the radiator gave up it's good will. After  
discussing replacing the car, I managed to find a German mechanic who  
moved to the US recently, and handed him the bentley manuals and the  
car and told him to fix it, as well as a torn CV boot & axle, and  
anything else that needed to be addressed, as she still loved her car  
and wanted it to carry her through the rest of her schooling (couple  
more years). The work was done, and the car continued to soldier on,  
but I acquired another car as a back-up anyway.
At the end of April, beginning of May, it died on her unexpectedly  
once, in the school parking lot. When I showed up 20 minutes later,  
she sprang to life without issue.
2 weeks later, it died again, this time in she stalled it in traffic  
about a mile from home & couldn't get it restarted; it got pushed  
into a gas station. Annoyed, I got elbow deep into it, replacing all  
the plugs (in case they were fouled - not), spraying-down the air- 
mass sensor, swapping fuel filters, checking for fuel pressure  
(good), etc. It simply wouldn't catch on the starter spinning no  
matter what I did. Told her that it needed a mechanic and that it  
could be as simple as the O2 sensors (still original from when we  
acquired the car). Started discussing replacing the car or sending it  
back to the mechanic, when her dad stepped in and handed her the keys  
to fully working, virtually mint condition car he stopped using a  
couple years earlier.
As a result, the Audi has been sitting unaddressed in it's parking  
space for the last 6 weeks or so, and it's time to send it to a new  
home or to someone that will use the parts. She went down yesterday  
just on a lark and the car fired right up.

So there you have it. I don't want to sell it to some non-Audi  
afficionado and have them get stuck with an unreliable car, but at  
the same time, I know that this engine only has about 80k miles on  
it, the radiator is new, the five-speed is in awesome condition, the  
leather is reasonably good (no tears), all the power systems to the  
seats, locks, etc. work, the body panels are still healthy (although  
the paint isn't pretty; the shipyard chemicals ate the clearcoat).  
The tires are reasonably good, the radiator is brand new (as is the  
overflow tank), the brake system is 100%, etc. Dash has a couple  
bulbs out, and the odometer doesn't count up anymore, but the rest of  
the dash is fully operational. Sunroof works perfectly. If it wasn't  
for the fact that we now live in a condo sans garage, I'd either fix  
it or part it out myself. Mostly it's the lack of an Audi-experienced  
non-dealer mechanic in the area that's keeping it from being addressed.

Anyone interested should contact me via email. Anyone who knows a  
good mom-n-pop Audi shop in the area should too.

Notes: Once running, it doesn't choke, sputter or otherwise act up in  
any sense -- it's strictly a matter of firing successfully at start- 
up or not.

=-= Marc
Tampa, Florida.

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