[V6-12v] B4 head gasket replacement

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I had  myself set on getting a 2005 A4 Quattro, but couldn't make the
finances  work. So yesterday I went with a 2006 Golf GTI 1.8T. Phenomenal
car. It's a  lot of fun to drive. While it doesn't handle like an A4, it does
handle  very well.
I had a '97 A4 Quattro - loved it.  Had a hard time deciding to give  it up 
at the end of the lease.
I had a 1990 200qa at the time, too, which I loved.
Then, I got a 2003 GTI - love it, and it is the only car I have now.   Seemed 
to run circles around the early A4s when I had it at Lime Rock last  year.
So, I think you made a good choice.
Dave Zube


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