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I just looked at the Ross-Tech web page and their tool supports the 2.6l engine.  What this means is that they should have an answer for you as to whether the data for the 2.8l is adequate for your 2.6l.  They are currently closed until Monday 12/1 due to our Thanksgiving holiday.  When you write to them inquire about their Bentley CD and what engines it supports.  

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Hi All,

Thanks for all the replies. Most of the manuals refer to the American 2.8L 
engine. Does anyone know the differences between the two (apart from the 
obvious extra 200cc) ie is it worth getting a manual for a 2.8L car to use on 
the 2.6L Australian sister.



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> Hi All,
> Anyone know where I could get a Bentley or similar manual for my car:
> Audi A4, 96
> 5Spd Auto
> 2.6L V6 12-valve
> I haven't been able to find one for an A4 with that engine.
> Cheers
> Jon
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