[V6-12v] Ignition switch replacement - 95 A6Q

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Thu Feb 12 17:31:21 PST 2009

Grant Lenahan wrote:
> Ignore conflicting opinions. I have done this many, many times.
> First, you can probably just nudge the switch back to the "run"  
> position from "start" to get back all your electric goodies.
> But you do want to replace it - things get worse and sometimes leads  
> to no start.
> Just remove the IC, then undo two set screws whcih may have red paint/ 
> sealant on them. Pull off the electrical portion of the switch from  
> the mechanical lock mechanism. CAREFUL not to jamb the leads and thus  
> break them or strain the connections whcih can then become intermittent.
> Push on new switch.  Re-assemble. Swear at yourself for not marking  
> where all the plugs go on the back of the IC.
> Done.
> 1-2 hours elapsed.
> There are instructions on one of the web sites - maybe 12v.org, maybe  
> audiworld, not sure.

I had a nice write-up with pictures, but it died when the Twiki KB died.
Grant is right. The automatics have an interlock cable that gets in the
way unless you remove it and move it out of the way. The big fear is the
painted setscrews. They need a tiny screwdriver, (bigger than an eyeglass
screwdriver, but not by much). If it's been replaced already, you shouldn't
have a problem with the setscrews.

I'll be sending Rob the Twiki text off-list.


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