[V6-12v] Ignition switch replacement - 95 A6Q

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Thu Feb 12 17:37:34 PST 2009

Tom Christiansen wrote:
> 1) Remove airbag (be careful, follow procedure)
> 2) Remove steering wheel

When I replaced the switch in my '94 100S, I didn't have to remove the
airbag or the wheel. The wheel is a bit in the way, but it's easy enough
to work around it.

I can't imagine the '95 would be *that* different.

Kent McLean
'99 A4 Avant, V6 Tiptronic
'91 200 TQA #3, with mods
gone: '91 200 TQA x2, '94 100 S Avant, '89 200 TQ

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