[V6-12v] Low voltmeter readings

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> Low readings when the cooling fans come on (less than 12v). Drops from
> where it should be though no measurements taken.
> Ideas?
> RG

Do you mean when the engine is off or on? 
The difference being of course when the engine is off, the voltmeter measures 
then battery. When the engine is on, it *should* measure the alternator (well 
probably some battery charger cicruit, but that's beynond what I'm getting at)

If it happens when the engine is running, that it probably a dead alternator, 
and your running off battery. This happened to one of my parents car way back 
when. The car eventually started bunny hopping then died.

Otherwise, have you checked the water/ electrolyte level in the battery? If 
you have a good torch, you may be able to have a bit of a look at the lead 
plates. They should be straight and smooth.

Here's something that can help people with automatics:
My battery went flat, but being an automatic, the gearbox gets locked in park. 
THe lock is removed by electrical means when your foot is on the brake. IF you 
need to get this lock off, so you can roll your car our of your garage for 
example to jump start, 2 6V lantern batteries in series across the battery 
terminals provides enough juice to run those electrics.



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