[V6-12v] Climate control blowing fusses

Jonathan jhhummel at bigpond.com
Sun Mar 8 03:12:18 PDT 2009

Hi All,

Here's a tricky one:
My climate control keeps blowing the fuse. Fusses, thought cheap, aren't free, 
so havent done too many tests, but here is how it blew:
first time - going down a main highway in the rain, turned on the windscreen 
dimister, blew.
Second time - put new fuse in, started car, as soon as it got to the stage 
when the motor ramps up - blew
Third time - whole system started, fan and all, after a moment though 
(actually after the fan was slowing down after the initial blast of air) it 

Oh yes, I had taken the fan out and checked with a multi meter it came back as 
2ohms and 6 ohms depending on the rotation.

In a desperate bid to get some air in the car, I've taken the glove box out 
and hooked up the fan to tow 6V lantern bateries (in parralel, so 6V total) 
and it works.

I'm wondering if maybe the fan is not the problem but is just a high current 
device which can put it over the edge. In which case, does anyone know at 
what I can look at next?

96 A4
2.6L 12V V6
5spd Auto FWD



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