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Tom -
That was a recall back in 1999 which included the fuel line and injectors with rail.  I had this work done, so I guess I am on my own for covering the cost of a new injector.  Thanks for reminding me.  I had forgotten that I had done this.  The dealer says there is nothing more recent then the '99 recall.

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There's a recall on those injectors. Check with the dealer if yours is affected. You might be able to get a set of injectors for free...


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What I thought was a bad valve in my 2.8 1993 100CSQ Avant turned out to be the #2 fuel injector.  Not sure if it is a short circuit or is plugged with an obstruction.  Just wanted to give folks an update.  Maine now has 10% ethanol.  Don't know if their's any correlation or not.  Will change the fuel filter again as well.  Car has 178K miles.

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