[V6-12v] Audi Cabriolet Electrical Issue Anti theft

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Tue Mar 17 16:58:52 PDT 2009

Steve Kramer wrote:
> I have a 95 Audi Cabriolet with alarm anti theft issues.  Looks like the 
> culprit was the trunk wiring harness that was frayed.
> Got a huge bill for install..  Something like 4 hours to replace the wiring 
> harness.  Can't find any info on alldata for  the " book time"  Any ideas?

No help with the book rate, but instead of replacing the harness they should
have been able to splice the dozen or so wires in a lot less than 4 hours,
especially if they used good crimp connections rather than solder, where
"good" is using quality butt connectors and a ratcheting crimper.

Kent McLean
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