[V6-12v] EGR

Richard Guzzardi rguzz at mac.com
Mon May 4 07:08:17 PDT 2009

My code to the EGR (4311 or whatever it is) keeps coming on. The passageway to the EGR is clean, and the guy who did this work this time tells me the signal to the EGR is likely to be from loose wiring around the unit itself. He can't seem to be able to locate the wiring problem, or doesn't want to.
I have done the intake port cleaning job myself by taking off the intake and cleaning everything but I didn't do the work this time.
I don't have the exact codes with me but it's the intermittent signal to the EGR that appears to be the problem.
Does anyone have experience reprograming the ECU to ignore the EGR and are there any consequences of doing that? I understand this can be done quite easily.

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