[V6-12v] Rough Running Engine

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Tue Nov 3 07:46:13 PST 2009

Kent is right. The first step is always to pull codes.  But I'll bet that it
is wires.  If you have more than 100K on the original wires, it is time and
more so to yank them just "because".  Besides, with 180K, they might be
eligible for gilding and displaying the Guinness museum..





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Roger -


I have 180K miles on my '93 100CSQ wagon.  Original plug wires.  I replaced
plugs 2 months ago and just finished replacing a very bad head gasket that
was gushing oil. The head gasket was leaking on the inside next to the
valley pan gasket.  Confused me for quite awhile.  You may be right about
the plug wires.  It feels like an intermittent skip or slight "jerking" when
traveling at a constant 30 - 45 mph.  Thanks for your help.






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Yes, a couple of things come to mind, but it may depend on what you mean by
"rough" and when that roughness happens.

We developed a certain roughness in my wife's 100CS Avant Quattro two weeks
ago, and I was immediately concerned because that has happened before.  

The problem was ignition wires, and they were replaced with OEM wires and
the problem went away.  Look there first, and if your wires are old, and NOT
OEM, yank them out and get REAL wires for Audi...Beru or Bosch probably are

You could have an O2 sensor problem, or depending on miles, you may have a
hose issue.  We had a hose leaking which was fixed with tape temporarily,
while new hoses were ordered.  Over the past couple of years we have been
steadily replacing ALL the rubber hoses and gizzies in the engine
compartment and will eventually have replaced all the hoses in the fuel
injection and fuel management system under the hood. There are a lot of
them, and some are pretty expensive and odd looking.

At 148,000 miles our car runs perfectly, and our intention is to continue to
maintain and drive it until some major component fails...engine or
transmission, and then we will think about a replacement. 

So, pull the codes if you can, or find someone with a VAGCOM who can, but
I'll bet you have a sparkplug wire issue.

It is important that you find and fix the miss.  It is likely that with each
miss you are letting fuel into the exhaust, and eventually, you will destroy
a catalytic converter (or two). We have had to replace one after the first
episode of mysterious skip.


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Are there any 12 valve V-6 owners left?   I have a rough running engine, not
a dead skip.  I can't fiind any faulty hoses  but it seems to me that it
could be an air leak.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Best regards,

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