[V8] Trans / Axle Removal RMS

CoultL at aol.com CoultL at aol.com
Tue Dec 2 18:45:27 EST 2003

I am finally getting to the seeping RMS.  I got the car way up on stands 
tonight and found that the drivers side outer CV boot is toast.  I have all manual 
sections pertaining to the trans removal and it all looks doable.  When I 
remove the trans and the big bolt holding the CV joint to the hub, will the outer 
CV joint just pull from the hub?..is is splined or something?  I would really 
appreciate any BTDTs or a heads up for the trans removal and axle removal.  
Is there anything else I really should do while I am in there.  I think I might 
do the other outer boot and the drive flange seals.  Thanks in advance.

-Justin Lewis
1990 V8 (120k miles)

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