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> 'Bout time, you slacker. :-)
> I had the transmission shop replace my RMS when they had the
> transmission out.  Not 100% sure if they did or not (oh, he'll never
> know).  I DO know that after the tranny job, my car has been throwing a
> lot of oil on the exhaust "X"...  Is that what your leaky RMS is doing?
> Leaves 2 little oil drips on the driveway.  Smells real nice, too.  I
> haven't had a chance to take a peak, but could be the breather hose that
> connects the 2 heads (that I broke and McGuivered back together), or
> something else...
> How did graduation go?  You land a good ME job yet?  Any luck with the
> Mercedes supercharger?  I keep thinking that I am going win the lottery
> and hire you to design a line of V8Q performance parts.  I'll keep you
> posted on my progress. ;-)
> Take care,
> - Jeremy

Your problem sounds a lot like a RMS.  There are a few ways to tell if it is 
the RMS.  It should not leak much while not running.  Mine leaks a few drips 
after I shut it off but that's it.  If it keeps leaking then it is most likely 
the upper oil pan gasket.  You can also look at the ignition and timing 
sensors.  If they are soaked in oil it is most likely the RMS.  With either type of 
leak the oil will come out of the two inspection holes at the bottom of the 
bell housing and get blown all over the exhaust....near the O2 sensor.  I guess 
the best scenario is that the shop screwed up the seal replacement will have 
to fix it for free.  Hope you get it fixed without emptying you wallet any 

Its great to be done with school but finding a job in the automotive industry 
is real hard right now.  I am really trying to stick to automotive and not 
take the somewhat easier route of working for a defense company.  I redid my 
website to show to employers....www.CoutlerLewis.com.  There is some stuff there 
on the V8QK....though I never explicitly say it wasn't finished:)  There is 
also a good bit of other technical stuff.  Once I get to work and have a little 
money and resources I will get cracking on boosting the V8.

-Justin Lewis

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