[V8] '93 V8 for sale? I guess NOT

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Wed Dec 3 22:07:31 EST 2003

It was interesting. My latest foray onto eBay.  I offered my V8 for sale,
wondering what it would bring, now tha tthe paint finish has been completely

I set a "buy it now" price of $9300, and cautioned that I was really
interested in selling it to anyone who was knew what the car was, and was a
serious V8 Quattro buyer.  I also cautioned that I considered it to be a car
not for children.

Well, the car passed at auction.  It only fetched an offer of $5100!!

What is more interesting is that there were only seven people who inquired
about the car, or requested more than the two pictures that I posted with
the basic ad.

I was interested in seeing what the car might bring, now with just 90,000
miles, and new refinish, and newly completed complete maintenance.  It
brought $2000 less than when I put it up onto eBay with 80,000, the old
paint work, and without the recent tires, brakes and suspension work.

Maybe it's Christmas.  Or maybe it's the economy, and Dubya isn't telling
the truth at all.

Or maybe I'll just drive the car like I love it.

Which I do.


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