[V8] Abbreviations

Richard Beels beels at technologist.com
Fri Dec 5 13:26:40 EST 2003

The audifan's archive post is, what, 5 years old?  It's been through a 
half-dozen of revisions since.  Makes no sense to point to something 5 
years old when a current iteration is so easy to find.

If Phil's site was down, I'm sure Google or Wayback had it cached.  And 
then there's the people who rip Phil's site and re-post it...

At 12/04/2003 at 15:45, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Kneale Brownson's 
keyboard and said:
>How is Phil's page more "official" than an audifans.com  archive posting?
>I can recall when Phil's page wasn't available but the audifans archive was.
>At 09:47 AM 12/4/2003 -0500, Richard Beels wrote:
> >Please point to the page at Phil's site.  It's the official hosting place
> >for the list.  It's also updated, compared to the old posts in the
> >
> >
> >At 12/04/2003 at 06:00, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Kneale Brownson's
> >keyboard and said:
> >>Before you get too far along with this listing, you might want to check out
> >>  http://www.audifans.com/archives/1998/11/msg03452.html
> >>


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