[V8] IC cluster (again)

Ed Kellock ekellock at adelphia.net
Fri Dec 5 18:13:02 EST 2003

Hi Linard.  

I recalled something else as I read your message... when I had the fuel/temp gauge outage recently, when I thumped the top of the dash, I saw the seatbelt light flash momentarily just before the gauges came back.  Looks like I'm "going in" as well pretty soon.  I've the dash off and the IC out before, but I wasn't very agressive with it in terms of disassembly, etc.  This time, I will be.  I don't have Stabilant, but I do have the Caig products, DeOxit and ProGold.


From: Linard Cimermanis <bwolf at speakeasy.net>
Date: 2003/12/05 Fri AM 10:47:26 MST
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Subject: Re: [V8] IC cluster (again)

John (and others),
I too had the fuel/temp/seatbelt problem this past summer. An initial 
cluster disassembly and Stabilant application didn't solve it, but a 
subsequent, more thorough disassembly did. The second time, I took the 
cluster apart as far as I could and cleaned every possible connection, 
and was much more generous with the Stabilant. It has been problem free 
for the past 3 months, even solving a false oil warning from the 
autocheck that had been occurring from way before the fuel/temp issue. 
Maybe the cluster just took pity on me for the expense of the 
Stabilant, but I for one am fairly convinced that you have some type of 
connector/connection issue.
HTH,  --LC

p.s.. the only thing remotely out of place on disassembly was the rigid 
connector (green?) between the 2 outer circuit boards didn't seem fully 
seated. I have no idea if that had anything to do with anything.

> The recent talk of speedos and ideas as to what is going on makes me 
> want to
> ask for advice to my situation with the IC.. I have intermittent 
> operation
> on both the water temp and fuel gauge.  Beating on the dashboard 
> doesn't
> make a difference.  Taking the IC apart and cleaning with De-oxit 
> doesn't
> help at all. Visual inspection of the cluster when apart didn't reveal 
> any
> clues.  Any ideas on what to do next?  I almost had a used cluster for 
> cheap
> on ebay until a certain "Head" on this list outbid me while I was 
> away!!
> BTW if your reading how did that unit turn out?
> john b
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