[V8] Re: Transmission

David Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 10 23:31:59 EST 2003

This is a 4 year project car. I have already done the rear main seal, 
the upper and lower pan gaskets, the rack (a breeze to do with the 
engine out), short rack hose, distrib caps and rotors and the ign and 
timing reference senders (O2 sensor too). Plus it has received a new 
trans ECU and a replacement instrument cluster. It still needs a new 
coolant reservoir, new PCV hoses, new outer CV boots and will get new 
lower control arms along with rebuilt Bose amps, a rebuilt Bose head 
unit and a new headliner. Some of those things it needs because I stole 
them for the other V8s...
Also most likely needs an ABS sensor as the light was coming on prior to 
it getting parked.
Then I'll clean it up and let the wife decide if she wants it or the 
4.2... Gonna have to sell one of them if I get a TDI (assuming the FSI 
doesn't get here next year). And now that I've got sport seats in the 
tornado red car I can't bear to part with it!

Scott Matus wrote:

> A new AYU Transmission of $700? Such a deal!
> What are you planning to replace when you put in the new transmission?
> Are you going to replace the engine seals? driveshaft joints? engine 
> pickup(s)?  I think I'm going to buy a rebuild and want to know if you 
> have researched other parts that really need replacing.
> Let me know the items you will replace when the engine/trans is out.
> Thanks,
>  Scott Matus
> 303 886-3185 Cell
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