[V8] 5 speed conversion!

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This sounds feasible.  I had a truck that would not pass for anything in the
world due to Nox emissions.  A mechanic friend told me to throttle back
slowly, sure enough, it passed (this was in WA state where I "drive" the
car).  Later that day, I took it too his shop and put it on the gas analyzer
just to "see" the difference.  Nox emissions were much higher when I
"snapped" the throttle.


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> ... my car still has the 5-speed ECU installed and an AT version of the PT
> with no damper installed on the TB.  I've had no problems with this
> combination whatsoever.  It is my understanding that the only reason the
> damper is there is for emission purposes ... when the throttle snaps shut
> and the engine is at high RPMs the high vacuum in the intake creates a
> situation where high NOx emissions can occur.
> Steve B.
> San Jose, Kaleefohnia (USA)
>>  I'll be doing a 4.2 swap into a factory 5 speed car soon
>> which may bring up
>> another situation. The 4.2 has a staged throttle with a
>> smaller primary bore
>> that opens about 1/4 before the larger secondary opens. I
>> want to keep this
>> feature for throttle response reasons but keeping it means no
>> throttle damper.
>> I'm curious to see how the 5 speed ECU will react to this
>> situation. 
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