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You don't need to cut the heater box.  The "cut" refers to the flexible duct
that runs from the blower box to the internal duct work of the car.  As the
previous extensive discussion in the last month or two has stated, its not
really necessary to cut.  Some people have cut off a small portion of the
duct to make it easier to slide off the blower box and out of the way.  The
hard part of this job is the lower screw on the blower cage and prying up
the heater box far enough to get the blower out.  I did not have to
disconnect anything inside the car, carefully used a 2x4 to pry up the box,
using the firewall, CAREFUL it bends easily,  and get the blower out. Once
you get in there you will see what we mean.  This job really isn't too bad,
it really depends on how tough the seal is around the bottom of the box and
how easy it is to raise it up a bit. I've got to get back in mine again
soon, Heater core ;-(


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I know most of you don't agree with this method, I wouldn't do it to my car
either, but it is cold here, we are working outside, and my friend doesn't
want to spend 8 hours on it. I just want to find out which side I would make
the cut with the dremel tool.

Tony Hoffman
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