[V8] A clogged fuel filter leads to problems... fitted text ?

Ingo Rautenberg IRautenberg at comcast.net
Sat Dec 13 18:10:43 EST 2003


Is your fuel pump noisy?  Any way to check pressure to be sure that's the
problem?  No BTDT except for replacing a noisy Fuel pump years ago on my old
V8.  As to your blowing through the old fuel filter test -- I don't think
that's a proper test -- because your old fuel filter had fuel in it already
and regardless of it being clogged or not, once it's soaked with liquid it's
air permeability would be greatly compromised.  Regardless, it was a good
idea to replace the filter.  IME pumps tend to fail when they get hot -- not
when they're cold (in general).  Have you replaced the fuel pressure
regulator or checked to see it it's leaking?

I wish I had another answer for you.



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