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Yes it is worth while.  The first time that happened to me was about a
year and a 1/2 ago.  It recently re-manifested itself.  This time I
cleaned it up and coated the area with electronic stabilitant.  A fellow
technician told me that this will fix it permanently.  I remain
skeptical, I am OK with just cleaning it whenever the lights go out.
The brights still work!
The aforementioned Stabilitant is an Audi/VW issued product for techs
but I am fairly certain you can get something like it at Radio Shack.

(WTB a 200TQ 5-speed Parts car)

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I read the post recently about losing both low beams at once.The next
thing I knew, my wife said she had no headlights.I wanted to ask if
cleaning the switch is worthwhile,or should I buy a new switch before I
take it apart?
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