[V8] A clogged fuel filter leads to problems... fitted text ?

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Mon Dec 15 11:25:31 EST 2003

Thanks Lister's..  I siphoned the tank with a 3/4 tube (throught the access
hole) down to about 12 oz.  Then twisted and pulled the pump assembly out and
was able to pop-in (after 20 min of contorting) the replacement pump..  After
re-fuel, little cranking and priming, she fired up and hasn't missed a stroke
since..  Note: only been ran for about an hour so far..  Fingers crossed! 
Time: 90 minutes.  Cost: Cheap - I used the pump from a 5KTQ fuel tank on hand
(waiting to be installed)..

Here is my idea of what happened:
OEM fuel FILTER was on the car, became plugged and prematurely burned out fuel
pump #1.  Unknown - decided to replace the pump because of no fuel pressure (I
had found indicative markings on the circular retaining flange on top of the
tank).  No such indicators on the filter..  Then fuel pump number #2 started
it's hard life of pumping through a gummed up filter, thus reducing the life
span to ~4 years, instead of 5-10+ years.  Well, that's just my little
forensic speculation..

Happy V8-ing.  Thanks again everyone!

"Shawn Head" <s4qtro at bellsouth.net> wrote:

> When dad's started going bad, it sounded like a bumble bee hive when you
> would drive for more than 20 miles or so.  I'd say replace the pump anyway.
> Shawn Head
> '91 V8 Pearl/Nautica
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> Ingo,
> It's made noticeable noises for as long as I can remember..  Sometimes (I
> thought) it would get louder - but could be just my imagination..  Any
> advice on how to easily test the fuel pressure(?)  Yup, a hot pump equals
> bad news - and don't they get that way due to working so hard getting fuel
> past a plugged (restrictive) fuel filter, at least that's what I've always
> thought.  Thanks for pointing out the potential weaknesses in my rudimentary
> blow-hard test..  The FPR was done a couple years ago and did not show any
> signs of leakage..  I thought I heard somewhere that when fuel pumps "go",
> they just completely stop functioning all at once, no mixed signals like
> what I'm getting..??
> Thanks!
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> > Mike,
> >
> > Is your fuel pump noisy?  Any way to check pressure to be sure that's the
> > problem?  No BTDT except for replacing a noisy Fuel pump years ago on my
> old
> > V8.  As to your blowing through the old fuel filter test -- I don't think
> > that's a proper test -- because your old fuel filter had fuel in it
> already
> > and regardless of it being clogged or not, once it's soaked with liquid
> it's
> > air permeability would be greatly compromised.  Regardless, it was a good
> > idea to replace the filter.  IME pumps tend to fail when they get hot -- 
> not
> > when they're cold (in general).  Have you replaced the fuel pressure
> > regulator or checked to see it it's leaking?
> >
> > I wish I had another answer for you.
> >
> > HTH
> >
> > Ingo
> >
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