[V8] V8 not starting-Sometimes

William Gutierrez lundabo at msn.com
Mon Dec 15 13:48:49 EST 2003


Is this start problem a "hot-start" issue?  In other words, does it only 
happen after you have been driving the car, stop it and try to restart?  If 
so, it is an intermittent sensor on the rear-driver's side of the engine.  
Others on this list should have better info on which of the two sensors it 

Good luck.


>From: "Eddie Dial" <eddie_dial at hotmail.com>
>To: v8 at audifans.com
>Subject: [V8] V8 not starting-Sometimes
>Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 10:11:34 -0700
>Well first of I would like to thank all of you for your help. I purchased 
>my a Pearl V8 in September and with your help I have been able to do the 
>following and I have never really worked on a car before. but I have 
>changed the timing belt, battery, serpentine belt, starter, fuel pressure 
>regualtor, new windshield washer fluid motor and lines and many other 
>little things. I still need a muffler, And my side mirrors are going dark 
>so I need to replace those too. Also I need some headlights if any of you 
>have any. And I need the big bottom plastic piece that goes under the motor 
>to protect it from corrosion.
>But here is my problem. Well it started Saturday at the local ShopKo here 
>in Ogden UT. When me and my wife went to leave it did not want to start it 
>hesitated for a little bit and it then finally started. So I did not think 
>to much of it but then it did it Yesterday too. But when I got it hope 
>after I drove it through a drive through car wash and it did not want to 
>start. it took about 10 minutes of trying to start (5 minutes cussing and 
>the other 5 praying) and it finally started. And even now when I start it 
>it turns over a while before it starts. Any ideas? And Also my serpentine 
>pulleys are no squelling. I need to replace them. But anything you guys can 
>do to help is greatly appreciated. THANKS!
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