[V8] ECU Lesson

Ingo D. Rautenberg ingo at waratap.com
Thu Dec 18 10:39:54 EST 2003


What's going on?  Confusion among the Daves this a.m.?  I'm not familiar
with ABS module relocation.  I believe you're thinking about the Airbag
Energy Reserve unit?  Wasn't that relocated?

'Course I may be all wet.

Ingo (waiting patiently for snow....)

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> For your problem, I think you need to trace the wires to the diagnostic
> and see if any of them go to the ABS unit - which is what I think you are
> looking at. Also - I thought the old ABS unit was located under the rear
> but the new one was moved to the center console behind/under the radio.
> you have not had this recall done?

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