[V8] funny noise, hot oil smell

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Fri Dec 19 13:08:25 EST 2003

my oil cap also got cracked. I got a new one easily at the auto parts store. 
Nothing special - except that the new one is black.


Quoting Mike Arman <armanmik at earthlink.net>:

> Funny noise:
> Driver's side seat heater relay (in the right footwell) is making a
> noise 
> like "chuka-chucka-chucka-chucka" while the seat is on (and the seat
> feels 
> SOOO good!). Seat heater itself works fine, no similar noise from
> passenger 
> seat heater relay. (but similar noise from passenger - she LIKES the
> seat 
> heater . . . )
> What do I take apart, fix, clean, adjust or hit with hammer to make it 
> quiet again?
> Hot oil smell:
> Following Dave Head's advice, I checked the breather hoses (between the 
> right and left heads of the engine, not of Dave, I can confirm that he
> has 
> only one head . . . ), and found, as he predicted, that it was on the
> verge 
> of rotting out. What does this hose cost at the dealer, and can I use a 
> FLAPS hose with hose clamps?
> Also, I noticed that the orange plastic oil filler cap has a hole in it!
> There's a piece missing on one side, and oil fumes are escaping from the
> hole. Anybody got one of these without the hole at a right price?
> Best Regards,
> Mike Arman

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