[V8] funny noise, hot oil smell

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri Dec 19 18:00:57 EST 2003

If the  crankcase breather hose from one head to the other is rotting, the
one from the crankcase to the driver head most likely is already converted
to black gooooooo.  Be sure you check that one too.  

I got all three breather hoses from Blau for some outlandish price.
Someone else reported using regular plumbing with hose clamps instead of
the expensive hoses with the specially formed ends that need nothing to
hold them in place.

When my driver seat heater worked in my 200q20v, I'd get some relay racket
if I had the heat turned up (like above the "3" setting).  It also sang out
if I set it between the numbers.  Set at "2", it would heat for hours.

At 12:38 PM 12/19/2003 -0500, Mike Arman wrote:
>Funny noise:
>Driver's side seat heater relay (in the right footwell) is making a noise 
>like "chuka-chucka-chucka-chucka" while the seat is on (and the seat feels 
>SOOO good!). Seat heater itself works fine, no similar noise from passenger 
>seat heater relay. (but similar noise from passenger - she LIKES the seat 
>heater . . . )
>What do I take apart, fix, clean, adjust or hit with hammer to make it 
>quiet again?
>Hot oil smell:
>Following Dave Head's advice, I checked the breather hoses (between the 
>right and left heads of the engine, not of Dave, I can confirm that he has 
>only one head . . . ), and found, as he predicted, that it was on the verge 
>of rotting out. What does this hose cost at the dealer, and can I use a 
>FLAPS hose with hose clamps?

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