[V8] I don't believe it!

Ed Kellock ekellock at adelphia.net
Sun Dec 21 12:21:26 EST 2003

Roger, on mine the o-ring that seals the distributor base is leaking and the o-ring on the dist itself does a pretty good job of holding it in, but every once in a while some seeps out and drops right on the exhaust.  Also my valve cover gasket it leaking and this comes down and manifests itself as a leaky oil sender unit.  When I had the alternator out for replacement, I was able to track the leak back up to the v/c gasket.

Not saying your guy's diagnosis is wrong, but with these other two much easier opportunities to check, just wanted to share them.

Colorado Springs

From: "Roger M. Woodbury" <rmwoodbury at downeast.net>
Date: 2003/12/21 Sun AM 06:44:22 MST
To: <v8 at audifans.com>
Subject: [V8] I don't believe it!

  No I don't.  All was going so well, and then it happened.  Or rather, then
it was diagnosed as happening.  Damn!  I HATE it when this happens.

For a while...oh, about ten thousand miles or so...I have been having a
little oil drip out of the front of the engine.  The last time that I looked
up under the engine with the cover off, was in the shop that I used to go to
that is now closed.  Oil sender was the diagnosis, or so we thought at the

But it has gotten worse, and this summer, I started getting some oil smokey
smell at traffic lights once in a while.

Last month, I took a flier and tried to sell the car, listing it on eBay.
In order to make the car as pure as possible, I left the car at the shop
where it gets fixed now.  No hurry, I said, and things being as they are,
the mechanic didn't do anything to it, until now.  (The results on eBay were
laughable:  I am not a motivated seller, really).

The results of the real, in-depth diagnosis?  HEAD GASKET.  RIGHT SIDE.


Well, I guess the cross benefit is that I will have a new timing belt at
this point, when all is done.

And of course, two new head gaskets, and who knows what else.


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