[V8] Introducory Service Training information on the V8 (1990)

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Mon Dec 22 09:29:02 EST 2003

What is VAG 1598 TEST BOX listed here?  For $2.00?

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> Fellow Listers,
> I believe Mr. Buchholtz posted this to the list a few years 
> back, but it bears repeating:
> The Introductory Service Training Book (98 pages total) 
> appears to still be available from Dyment for $15.00 plus 
> shipping.  PN# WSP-521-201-00-C
> Just go to their page ( 
> http://www.audi.ddsltd.com/cgi-bin/default?ACTION=START&USERTY
PE=C&COMPANY=AUDI  ) and lookup V8 1990 (good enough) and under type enter "training."  Yeah, it doesn't specifically cover the 5-speed (but what does?).

Of course, it's not as comprehensive as the Factory repair manual -- but it's quite handy and a lot more portable.

Did I mention it makes a great Xmas or Hanukkah gift for yourself?  :-)



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