[V8] Thank You & Yet More Questions

Campozano, Robert RCAMPOZANO at mgmmirage.net
Fri Dec 26 12:12:52 EST 2003

Thank you for your help KT.  I will try this out over the weekend.
Sorry, more questions:
1.	My car did not come with its owners manual; does anyone have one
or a copy they would like to sell?
2.	I am about to give the car its first oil change.  What grade oil
should I be using in the 90 V8 3.6?
3.	The car has 165,000 miles; any suggestions on what oil to use?
Would Synthetic NOT be a good idea?
Again, all answers are greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,
Zay Campozano
System Technician II
Computer Engineering
Management Information Systems
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1.   My antilock is not working.  The antilock light on the dash is
on.  It has been since I bought the car.  What are the troubleshooting
steps for this.

Assuming you've at least tried to turn it on with the anti-lock switch
on the dash...

1) If the anti-lock lamp goes out after you start the car but comes back
on after you start moving check the sensor positioning on all 4 wheels.

2) If the light stays on constantly remove the passengers carpet and the
large black cover for the floorboard relay panel. In the top relay rack
is a relay with a fuse, check the fuse, if its blown replace it, if it
blows again replace the relay.

2.   My cruise control does not work.  If it did work, would I see
any light on the dash that would indicate that?  Troubleshooting tips
for this would be appreciated as well.

No lamp involved with the cruise control.

1st check the throttle positioning unit. Its a 2 inch round black vacuum
device mounted under the drivers side distributor on the rear of the
engine. It should have a vacuum hose attached and a rod going to the
throttle. Make sure both are attached. If they are remove the hose and
squeeze the positioning unit, cover the hose nipple with your finger and
release the unit, it should stay compressed, if it doesnt replace it.

2nd step, find a smooth deserted road and drive 35-40mph with the radio
off, move the cruise switch from off to on and listen carefully for a
faint click sound under the passengers side dash pad (beside the speaker
grill) It may help to have a second person. There should only be a
single click, if there are two or more clicks the column switch is
probably bad. Depress the "set" button and listen for a single click. If
you dont hear a click check the position of the brake pedal switch and
make sure its fully depressed when the brake pedal is released. If it is
and you hear no click or multiple clicks the problem is probably the
column switch. If you hear the click but the cruise does nothing check
the vacuum motor behind the hydraulic tank under the hood.

3rd step....pray you have it isolated by this time. If you havent you'll
need to remove the dash pad to check signals at the control unit.

Good Luck

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