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This has got to be because of some issue with cavitation or excess pressure causing it to leak.  I know there's a baffle, and aerated oil would probably show up as low pressure or high temp or some such, so maybe it just gets forced out, but too many people have reported the same thing.  Strange that my dipstick reads full with 8 qts.  Not so strange when I remember that I replaced it years ago due to breaking the finger hole off.

Two jugs of Rotella at Advance Auto fills it up perfectly.  Much better.

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Date: 2003/12/31 Wed AM 08:12:26 MST
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Ryan and others, 
I too noticed about 5 years ago that keeping the oil up at the top of the full mark on the dipstick resulted in rapid consumption of oil- maybe 1 quart per thousand miles.   I watch it carefully, so I tried an experiment, and kept the level instead just above the fill mark.  This resulted in nearly zero consumption. Ken, Dave Head, etc, thanks for the 'reason whys" on this - the 10qts to 8 qts misprint.
I use Amsoil Synthetic. 10w30.   (rated at 25k but I change it at about 15k)

Scott O
1990 V8 in Texas
Decided to fix the transmission yesterday.

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This list is the best thing I have ever found on the internet. I have come 
across a few things lately that I may never have found out otherwise. When the 
subject came up about the airbag recall I learned that I may not have needed to 
purchase those 2 modules under the back seat (hoping this is also why the 
airbag light doesn't go away, will let the list know shortly), and 8 instead of 
10 quarts of oil. I think I will probably still use 10 because it burns more 
then I would like and I'm not the only one that drives it (I am the only one 
that checks the oil : (  ). Also even though it was off topic I enjoyed the post 
about top fuel dragsters

still learning
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