[V8] Water Hoses

Carol, Dave, and Zach Weiss cdzweiss at charter.net
Sun Nov 23 12:23:33 EST 2003

I bought them all from the dealer.  Only the upper radiator hose was
available from somewhere aftermarket (my mechanic sells parts at a
discount, found it from one of his sources, and after shipping charge
not much savings vs. my price from dealer).  Worldpac didn't have any of

You'll probably want the "grommet" that goes over the hoses at the
firewall, too.  Only about $5, and you have to disconnect the hoses to
replace it.

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Needing to replace all my heater hoses as well, where did you get yours?
90 V8 Pearl
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> After a pin-hole appeared in the upper radiator hose, I decided to
> replace all the coolant hoses.  I think the rad hoses were replaced
> before, but the heater hoses were all original.  The htr hoses were so
> brittle where they connect under the air filter that I had to cut them
> off.  Inside the firewall they were still flexible, so maybe if they
> let go the coolant would at least have stayed off my feet.  The most
> important thing in changing the htr hoses was lubricating them w/
> powder to get through the firewall; cornstarch would probably do as
> well.  Considered (but not very long) removing the hood to get enough
> room for my fat fingers.  It's pretty tight by the heater core.
> Still waiting on the "grommet" at the firewall, which was in really
> shape, too.
> Dave Weiss
> V8 5-speed
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