[V8] Suspension

Carol, Dave, and Zach Weiss cdzweiss at charter.net
Fri Nov 28 15:32:22 EST 2003

BTDTx2: V8 and 200Q, couldn't get in camber spec on either one, wears
inside of tires.  YMMV.  W/ the 200Q, a tech talked me into increasing
the toe so the tires wore evenly.  Seems silly now, but I was young and
foolish (age has since increased).

Camber plates, along w/ brake hoses and LR window regulator, are the
winter projects, after this year's maintenance-fest:
 - rebuilt top end
 - steering rack
 - lock controller
 - all new coolant hoses
 - amp recall
 - replace stolen trim molding (insurance is covering on comprehensive,
and repainting RR quarter; part still not in the country)
 - windshield
 - windshield leak (last week)
 - misc trim

It's a good thing I'm a glutton for punishment.

quattro + 5 or 8 = fun wrote:
No camber plates needed.  BTDT.

Dave Weiss
V8 5-speed

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