[V8] Steering Rack

Shawn Head s4qtro at bellsouth.net
Thu Apr 1 00:11:22 EST 2004

Just send the rack out to Jorgen Automotive in Ann Arbor Michigan. Cost
180 for them to rebuild it and you just ship it to them and they'll ship
it back.  Total down time approx 5 days if you send it on Saturday
you'll have it back by thurs or Friday.


Shawn Head

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After the TB mishap (gross negligence on my part) I took the plunge and
pulled the heads.  Looks like I got off easy with only 2 bent intake
Now it's time to make up for many years of neglect and the list of
replacement parts is getting awfully long.

Once the top end was removed, I noticed the torn boot on the steering
so out it came (Rubik must have worked for Audi after he finished
the cube).  My question; has anyone on the list ever rebuilt a rack
themselves?  Looks like I can buy a replacement boot, but haven't
any other seal kit available.  Other than the torn boot, it's never
given me
any signs of failure, but as long as it's out maybe I should replace
seals or whatever.  Or have I really lost my mind?

Any tips would be much appreciated.  The list has been very helpful so
I just wish I started following it sooner.

'90 V8Q 76k

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