[V8] V8 Gatherings...

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Thu Apr 1 13:06:14 EST 2004

So I was wondering...  What is the largest number of V8s you guys have
seen in any one place (other than Dave's house or the AC wrecking yard)?

I see pictures all the time on AudiV8.com with large V8 gatherings in
Germany (http://www.audiv8.com/german/gallery/gallery_stammtisch.html)
and was wondering if anyone has photos of V8 get togethers in the US.  

You guys want to have a contest for the biggest V8 gathering?  I would
be happy to post the pictures on my website. :-)

If anyone in the Pacific Northwest is interested in a gathering near
Portland, shoot me an email and perhaps we can put something together
towards the end of this month.


- Jeremy

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