[V8] Re: It's baaaccckkk.... 91 V8 5 speed in NH....

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Thu Apr 1 14:44:58 EST 2004

This makes no sense (to me), but I will bring it up anyway.  I have heard
rumors that the rear main seal will go out easier on a manual vs. an auto.
Maybe there is some truth to that as I have gone through 3 rear main seals
in 197K miles on my 5 speed.  Also, make sure the 1st three syncros are
working as they should.  Second gear is the most problematic.  Usually not a
problem if the PO shifted it nicely.  But, banging through the gears will
wear it out fast.  This is not unique to the V8, but covers that style of
tranny (200 20v, V8q 5, what else??).


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> Mike,
> Having a 1990 5spd in the family for 14 years, I can say there are no unique
> "problems" to the V8 5spd.  In fact, I often read the posts on this list
> about cars going into "limp" mode and have no idea what you guys are talking
> about as there appears to be no communication between the manual shift and
> the ECU.  I caution you--don't test drive the car you'll buy it!  They
> really are a blast.  The sound of the V8 winding out to 7k is intoxicating.
> good luck.
> Bill

>> curiosity is getting the better of me.... what are the 5 speed specific
>> things to look out for ?
>> other than see where the rev limiter is in 1st, 2nd and 3rd :)
>> Gonna take it for a spin tonight...

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