[V8] No windows or Sunroof

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I need help!!!! My power windows and sunroof don't open. I checked all relays and are fine. I removed the boot between door and fender, found several broken wires, so I spliced them together, still no power!!! I wounder if I did'nt make a good connection on one or more of the wires that I spliced together.QUESTION: CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT THE COLOR CODE IS FOR THE WIRES FOR THE WINDOWS AND ROOF?? THANK YOU!!!!!!

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Subject: [V8] UFO Pads
<<You can get a set of NEW Mintex pads for something like $60. Why go used?
mail order from www.importpartsspec.com or try a big auto parts chain >>

Would someone advise which pads produce little dust?  I remember the set 
the one I'm using now would blacken the wheels within a day.  What I'm using 
I bought from Blau, but can't tell them which ones they are.
Richard Morris
Renton, WA
90 V8 Auto Dk Blue/Dk Blue (still for sale....price is dropping)
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