[V8] Re: V8 Digest, Vol 6, Issue 4

Fri Apr 2 11:10:37 EST 2004

My car is misbehaving after almost two years of flawless service. Here are 
the symptoms for about a week sometimes when I go to start it the flywhell 
starter grinds unless the car is jiggled. Next sometimes the car starts great no 
problem then other times I must give extra gas to get it up and running. After 
it is running no problem but yesterday I was driving and the car flet as if it 
were in third gear only and even if I manually changed the gear no dice . I 
went to the website to find the name of a mechanic I have talked to out in the 
San Fernando valley and that part of the site is down. I guess I would like 
help if this sounds like something common an I can do something or I live in Long 
Beach California and would like to get in touch with a machanic locally, 
since I have never had a problem and I change my own oil I have not had to go to a 
mechanic since I bought the car almost two years ago! I bought my car becuase 
while visiting my friends cousin in Austria we made some autobahn trips to 
munich for oktoberfest in his V8 five speed . The car fully loaded up and such 
we managed just under 170mph. I new I would have to get a V8 on my return to 
the US, of course I wanted the 5sp but it soon became apparent that it would 
probably not be possible I looked for about 6 months and then bought the 1990 V8 
auto that I have now. Funny thing is my friend Brend wanted an automatic when 
he bought his V8 but according to him it is rare and he could only find 5sp's 
when he bought his car! In any case it would be greatly appreciated to get 
either advice on how to proceed myself or if someone knows a mechanic in the 
southren California area.Cheers George

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