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Check the E-bay car for a Pic of the switch on the door.
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If anyone is interested in adding a central lock switch to their 1990,
you will need the new door handle cup, the switch, 2 relays, and a
wiring diagram (see below).

KT said once that there is a fitment problem with the new cup in the old
door panel, but I was able to walk someone in Germany through the
installation and he said that he didn't run into any fitment issues...
Anyone willing to be a guinea pig?

Switch P/N - 4A0 962 107
Door Handle Cup P/N - 893 837 019 A (Satin Black!)

Looks like those who have the Graphite interior are in luck (parts
counter), those who have Platinum, Travertine, or Nautic interiors are
going to find a good used part, or have it 'painted'.

Wiring Diagram:
Check out this link - http://www.the12volt.com/doorlocks/page3.asp#vac 
You have to cut the Green with Blue stripe wire that runs from the
vacuum door lock actuator in the driver's door to the vacuum pump
(represented as the purple wire in the wiring diagram).

You would then ground the middle leg of the new switch, and hook up the
remaining 2 legs of the switch to the leads marked as '2 sec. pulse (-)'
in the diagram.  You may have to swap these 2 wires if the door locks
when you want it to unlock, vise versa.

Hope someone out there in TV Land finds this useful...


- Jeremy

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