[V8] V8 Gatherings...

John Bysinger john at bysinger.net
Fri Apr 2 21:38:52 EST 2004

Just noticed about 2 weeks ago that the neighbors in the house behind us
have a  black v8 and another quattro model, 200? (I'm new to this, I'll ID
it soon :)  I still need to talk to them about it, I'm not sure if they've
made the connection when I drive by and wave, and that I live right behind

So that's 2 within a block, in the Seattle area (Kirkland)

90 v8q

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Maybe not the highest number but.....

 Two owners living three blocks apart......

 One owns:
Gobi Beige 93 V8, completely stock (wifes car)

Ragusa Green 93 V8, heavily modified....about 370hp (daily driver)

Cirrus (sp?) Blue 91 200q20v, insanely modified ...over 400hp (stress pill)

(sidebar: If you ever wondered what the limit of a perfect set of UFO's is
take a ride in a 400+ hp 200q20v)

The other owns:
Black 93 V8, mostly stock..17" wheels, 996/A8 brake setup (daily driver)

Tornado Red 91 200q20v, mildly modified (daily driver)

Black 91 200q20v, completely stock, and low miles

 Think about that....THREE 93 model V8's.....and THREE 91 200q20v's in a
THREE block area.....and these two owners didnt even know each other till

 Owner #2 purchased his V8 from AC after driving Owner #1's Green 93.

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