[V8] Passenger side TB cover!!!!!! HELP

jpb3 jpb3wvu at frontiernet.net
Sun Apr 4 11:31:39 EDT 2004

Yes I have removed the bolt under the black triangular tensioner bracket.  I
am having trouble with the bolt below the triangle.  I have removed the
three on the lower portion of the cover, (1 short 2 long) but seem to have
one left that is barely visible and sits below the tensioner bracket just
above a casting protrusion.  It is a recessed hex head bolt.   I can only
surmise that this is what is holding on the cover as I have removed all the
other bolts including the generator, yet it is definitely still stuck on the
motor.  I have taken a block of wood and hammer to it and it doesn't budge.
Thanks for the help.

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> Did you move the serpentine tensioner up and put an allen wrench or
> drill bit in the 'holding hole'? There's a semi-hidden 12mm bolt under
> the black triangular portion... There's one 13mm on the bottom closest
> to the hrank, the rest are 12mm - long suckers...
> jpb3 wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I have all of the bolts out of the PS TB cover with the exception of the
> >bolt below  the tensioner.  I am speaking of the recessed bolt just above
> >the casting protrusion on the lower portion of the cover.  Can anyone
> >me what size this is?  I removed the alternator etc.. have the DS cover
> >(what a breeze compared to PS)  and just need to get this last bolt out
so I
> >can proceed.  Thanks for any help.
> >
> >john
> >
> >
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