[V8] RE: Passenger Side TB Cover

Roland Broberg rbroberg at wi.rr.com
Tue Apr 6 19:52:19 EDT 2004

I've had the same experience with that bolt.  Found that the 6 point
combined with a 3/8 drive pneumatic impact wrench does a not less damage
than the long arm wrench.

Roland Broberg
Broberg Engineering-BECO
Delafield, Wisconsin USA
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Reference that last bolt in the recessed casting, yes indeed it is a 12 mm
head, but don't make the mistake I made.  DO NOT ATTEMPT EXTRACTING THIS
A 12PT SOCKET!  This is one of those little head, big thread numbers.  It
will be a lot tighter than you expect from the measly 12 mm hex!  I rounded
off the corners using a fairly new 12 pt socket--eventually took me about 4
hrs to get that single bolt out--IMO by far the most frustrating part of
doing a TB change.  My advice: use a nice new 6pt socket and be sure you
full, straight engagement!

Good luck,


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