[V8] Hall sender / theories?

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Wed Apr 7 09:52:54 EDT 2004

> > I still have the same problem of 
> really rough idle 
> > and hesitation/engine vibration when you push the gas.  The 
> fault code is 
> > 2113 (hall sender), but I've tested the sender and it is 
> blinking when it 
> > should and seems to have the correct voltages as described 
> in the shop 
> > manual.
>  This certainly sounds familiar..... Rough idle, hesitation, fully 
> operational hall sensor being coded..... Last time I saw saw 
> those three symptoms 
> together the T/B was off a tooth. The ecu only looks for the 
> hall sensor during a 
> specific period of time, if it doesnt see it during that time 
> it codes the 
> sensor, backs off the timing, and ignores the knock sensors

I had drafted a response of the same opinion but then deleted when it seemed to me that this TB hadn't been off.  But perhaps it's slipped.  I got the HS code after doing my belt.  I won't go into how sure I was that I had installed the belt correctly, but suffice to say it was off a tooth and that damn hall sensor code wouldn't go away.  I was sure there was a sensor problem, but Keith put me right -- I called in a favor to a local p/a tech, borrowed the cam lock tools, and sure enough, the belt was off.  Redid the belt, the code went bye-bye.

So if it's slipped, consider yourself effin lucky.


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