[V8] Oil Cooler Bolts (Was Climate Control Saga / Vegas Get Together )

Campozano, Robert RCAMPOZANO at mgmmirage.net
Wed Apr 7 11:27:40 EDT 2004

Thanks for the response Dave,

Somehow this e-mail got repeated to the list.  Fortunately, the oil
cooler did not suffer any damage.  I already bolted it back and made
sure the other bolts were secure.  Think I was pretty fortunate that it
did not decide to fall off at highway speeds.  Thanks again for the
response.  I would also like to thank lister Tony Hoffman for sending me
the oil cooler bolts.  Quite surprised to receive them last night with
instructions on how to get the bolts back in and everything.  Thank you!
Finally, after all the hype, it seems like the Las Vegas get together
will not happen.  Everyone seems kind of busy these next 2 months...if
anyone is still interested in doing this, please let me know.  My car
could use some TLC and like I said, I am willing to get some rooms
(MGM/Mirage hotels) for anyone on the list that wants to get together
and help out.





<<Wow - that's weird - there are 4 bolts that should hold it on, as I 

recall - 2 on each side. 10mm. And it its the real thin one, about 

2inches square - that's your oil cooler. There's a 13mm nut on each side

that holds a bracket on, and that bracket has 2 10mm bolts that bolt to 

the oil cooler.

For now, just zip tie it in place. Make sure its not too damaged - you 

could lose a LOT of oil quickly.

FYI - the AC condenser is in front the radiator...



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