[V8] Selling the V8

Shawn Head s4qtro at bellsouth.net
Fri Apr 9 12:47:33 EDT 2004

Actually there is a full writeup on chris millers site.  


the thing you have to make sure of is to get the alarm switch centered
correctly.  The gears have to be in the proper position or else when you
lock the car the alarm will disarm and when you unlock it the alarm will

Shawn Head

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	I see you posting often and you seem to know what you're doing.
Sorry to see your selling your beast. You shouldn't have any problem
	I had the drivers side door lock problem and replaced the dog
But it's still not right. It works, but when I turn to unlock, the new
is hitting another part of the door handle. Did you do that yourself?
you get the door lock cylinder repair kit? Do you know what I'm talking
about? Any advice for me? Also, putting that spring back on proved to be
next to impossible so I didn't. Any advice there?

Herndon, VA
1990 V8Q 94,000 miles

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Well guys, that time has come.  I am looking to sell the V8 to go to the
dark side of the turbo crowd.  I am looking at getting a 97 A4.  Anyhoo,
here is a website I put together to help advertise the car online. Don't
laugh, it is my first webpage ever.
Take care guys,
Shawn Head
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