[V8] Re: Electrical Charging Problem

David Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Tue Apr 13 19:22:54 EDT 2004

I would guess the brushes in the alternator. I had my alternator in the 
'92 go bad about 6 weeks back (nice having a large heap in the garage to 
pull spare parts from). Took it in to a local rebuilder yesterday as I 
noticed one slip ring was really worn badly. He called today - rotor was 
shorted, all sorts of issues. Still only $122.50 for a full rebuild, and 
its already done...

scott.olson at nokia.com wrote:

>1990 V8 Auto. 120k
>A few weeks ago, Mike LaRosa wrote an excellent 'gory details' report on testing and troubleshooting the cable that runs from the battery to the alternator.   
>I have been experiencing an intermittent alternator light (usually at slow speeds, and with A/C running).  So, I pulled out the tools on Sunday and went to work. 
>Multimeter probes:
>Car at rest.  11.9v
>Car running.  13.7v
>both readings taken at the front battery (-) and (+) posts and at the battery are identical, so I decided is not a corroded cable.  
>What do you think is wrong?  
>Alternator?  One in the car is original.... Is 120k about the life for this item?
>Battery is 1.5 years old.  
>Car starts quickly, no stumble.
>Will be using A/C again by the weekend.     

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